Book an apartment in Winterberg

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Book an apartment in Winterberg

Book an apartment in Winterberg

I personally like renting an apartment during a holiday or weekend away. You have more space and freedom than in a hotel room and it is also generally cheaper. There is also a wide choice of apartments in Winterberg, from simple to very luxurious and from very cheap to pricey. So there is always something to suit everyone.

Location apartments Winterberg

For apartments in Winterberg you can choose apartments in the center of Winterberg or apartments that are quieter, just outside the center and more in the beautiful nature around Winterberg. The latter category is the most popular because the location is generally quieter and more beautiful.

Apartment Kappeberg Lodge in Winterberg, for example, is located near the slopes, mountain bike trail, hiking area and bob track.

Advantages of an apartment during the holidays

Personally, I prefer to rent an apartment or a holiday home during the holidays or a weekend away. You then have more:
  • space: bedroom/living room, kitchen and bathroom
  • freedom: you don't have to stick to the breakfast/lunch and dinner times
  • cheaper, especially with a family or group: you do not have to book extra hotel rooms

How to find an apartment in Winterberg

There is a wide choice of apartments in Winterberg. You can choose a booking website such as, expedia or airbnb. There are also private websites of private individuals who offer their apartment for rent outside these booking websites. As a third option, there are companies in Winterberg that take over the rental for private individuals and offer the apartments on their websites.

Spend the night in the town of Winterberg itself

If you want to stay in Winterberg itself, there are many apartments for rent. Depending on what you want, lively and busier in the center or quieter and more in nature just outside the center or in one of the holiday parks? At the Kappeberg, for example, you will find many apartments. The Kappeberg is located just outside the center and offers a lot of outdoor entertainment, greenery, trees and also catering. There are also a number of holiday parks in Winterberg, such as Landal, Roompot and Hapimag.

In which villages can you rent an apartment in Winterberg

The municipality of Winterberg consists of the town of Winterberg itself and a number of villages that belong to the municipality of Winterberg.
These villages are: Altastenberg , Altenfeld , Elkeringhausen , Grönebach , Hildfeld , Hoheleye , Langewiese , Lenneplätze , Mollseifen , Neuastenberg , Niedersfeld , Siedlinghausen , Silbach , Winterberg and Züschen . These villages are located between 5 and 10 km from Winterberg. There are also apartments for rent here.

What to look out for when renting an apartment in Winterberg
Depending on what you are looking for, you can include the following points in your search for a suitable apartment.
  • location: in the center (between restaurants and nightlife) or just outside the center e.g. in the Kappeberg area: Erlebnisberg Kappe
  • parking: in busy periods (in winter during weekends, Christmas period and some weekends in May) it is sometimes difficult to park directly at the apartment. Then choose an apartment with your own/private parking space
  • outdoor space: if you want to enjoy the sun or sit outside, look for an apartment with a terrace, balcony or garden (with a favorable sun position)
  • public transport: if you come to Winterberg by (flix) bus, Winterberg bus or train (because that's fine), look for an apartment within walking distance of the station or close to one of the bus stops in Winterberg. The Poppenberg bus stop, for example, is close to the Kappeberg district where many apartments are located.

The journey to Winterberg

There are several transport options to Winterberg. The vast majority of people come to Winterberg by car. During busy periods, this can sometimes cause congestion and traffic jams. Since the new highway opened in 2019, traffic jams have reduced considerably.

You can also come to Winterberg by train. Winterberg station is in the center and a number of buses go from there. In addition, there is the Flixbus to Winterberg and the company WinterbergBus also offers bus trips to Winterberg.

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