What are the possibilities for cycling and mountain biking in Winterberg

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What are the possibilities for cycling and mountain biking in Winterberg

What are the possibilities for cycling and mountain biking in Winterberg

Winterberg and surroundings, located in Sauerland, is an ideal destination for cyclists, mountain bikers and racing cyclists. There are many bicycle and mountain bike routes in and around Winterberg. In addition, there are a number of organizations and companies that specialize in this.

Bikepark Winterberg is a spacious course on the Kappeberg in Winterberg. Many tracks and courses have been set out here specifically aimed at mountain biking. It is suitable for beginners to advanced skiers and there are also kids runs. You can rent everything, wash your mountain bike, be a spectator, etc. There are also a number of restaurants, terraces and other dining options. There are regular competitions and bike events. Links to bike park can be found at the bottom of this information.

Bike Arena Sauerland is unique in Germany (and perhaps also in Europe). Many kilometers of routes have been set out and the website offers a lot of information for anyone who would like to cycle or mountain bike in Winterberg and Sauerland. Links to Bike Arena can be found at the bottom of this information.

Sporty (and also less sporty) cyclists can use the cycle paths, roads and the many marked cycle routes (available at the Winterberg tourist information point).

But also for cyclists there are plenty of challenging slopes and mountains with real climbs around Winterberg. Here you can set out your own 'tour de Sauerland' with cols of the 3rd category ;) and a time trial?

Rent bicycles and e-bikes

Very nice for those of us who are slightly less trained in cycling in the mountains are the e-bikes. If you don't have one yourself, you can rent one in Winterberg. This is possible at Pro-biker Winterberg, Am Waltenberg 49 and at Bike-verleih Winterberg.

Mountain biking on the ski slope?

Cycling on the ski slope, is that possible?

This is something different from skiing on the slopes, but it really is possible!

There are a number of slopes that, when the snow is gone, turn into a mountain bike trail, complete with a working ski lift, but in this case they have become bike lifts. When you are down you can go back up by getting into the chairlift and hanging your bike on the back. At the top you get off again and grab your bike and crost down again.

From the end of April to November 1, you can use these lifts every day from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. A day ticket costs around 30.00 euros for adults and around 20.00 euros for children. There are also half-day tickets and multi-day tickets for sale. Here, too, you can rent bikes and other cycling equipment if you need it (and, as with skis, different types of bikes and equipment).

Cycling in Winterberg

If this mountain biking from the slopes is just a step too far for you, you can also mountain bike through the hills and forests. The VVV Winterberg has a lot of mountain bike information and routes available. These vary in length, weight and height differences.

Apartments Kappeberg Lodge and Poppenberg Lodge are located near the mountain bike arena.

So something for everyone.

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