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How much snow is there in Winterberg

How much snow is there in Winterberg

How much snow is there in Winterberg? Which elevators are open? Can you ski? When will snow fall again? Are you curious about the current snow conditions and how they were in recent years? Then read on

Update winter season 2020/2021
It has snowed almost continuously in Winterberg since the beginning of November. This continued until the end of January when there was about 80 cm of natural snow. It has also been continuously below zero since the beginning of November 2020, which means that hardly anything has melted. Unfortunately, it is of no use to us because everything is closed due to the corona measures.

Update winter season 2019/2020

snow conditions December 14, 2019
It has been snowing heavily for the past 2 days and there is now a thick layer of natural snow of 25 cm and on some slopes (such as Rauher Busch and Poppenberg) also snow produced by the installations.

In any case, 3 lifts will be running this weekend:
  • lift number 12: Rauher Busch
  • lift number 5: Poppenberg
  • lift number 17: Ubungslift Herrloh

snow conditions December 12, 2019
It snowed quite a bit last night and morning. Snow is also expected for tomorrow. Whether it will be enough to open a number of ski lifts and slopes next weekend has not yet been announced. We keep a close eye on the messages. Below is a photo from December 12, 2019 above Rauher Busch

snow conditions December 9, 2019
It has been snowing heavily in Winterberg since this afternoon and the temperature in the evening has dropped to around freezing point. Snow is also predicted for tonight.
Recently, a number of snow cannons, lances and snow makers have also been switched on, so that there is already a considerable amount of snow on a number of slopes.

It is expected that skiing will be possible on some slopes from Saturday 14 December.

snow conditions November 12, 2019
It snows in Winterberg. It remains in the higher areas. A little lower it melts away. Temperatures are around freezing. Unfortunately, it will all disappear in the next few days

In mid-November, we are already working hard to prepare the lifts and slopes for skiing. There is also a lot of work being done to completely renew and widen the slope at the Nordhang (lift no. 13), including a hypermodern (and covered in bad weather) lift that will be built over the road.

The ski hut Moppi's Hutte is also being built completely new, including a large sun terrace. The new Moppi's will be just ahead of the old one.

Snow cannons Winterberg
Snow certainty has been increased again this year. Many old snow cannons have been exchanged for new ones. The new ones are faster, more economical and make less noise. A new snow detection system has also been installed on the piste bullies that have contact with satellites via GPS. This way, the piste bullies can determine very accurately how much snow there is on the slopes and distribute it as well as possible.

When do the lifts open in Winterberg
The lifts and slopes open when there is enough snow (about 20 cm) or when the snow cannons have been able to produce enough snow or a combination of both of course. The official opening of the ski season is scheduled for the weekend of December 13-15, 2019.

Snow depth Winterberg 15-3-2019
It has snowed quite a bit in Winterberg in recent days, adding about 20 cm of natural snow. Unfortunately it rained a lot yesterday and today at a few degrees above zero. There is now an average of 45 cm of snow and 17 lifts are open.
the piste and snow conditions are decent and get heavy and mushy later in the day.

After the weekend it will be colder again with minima below zero, little to no precipitation and a sun. good winter sports conditions.
If you still want to ski, the best time to go is at least after the weekend.

Snow depth Winterberg 10-3-2019
After a few days of rain and temperatures above zero, we are now back in the winter days. It has been snowing for 24 hours in Winterberg and the prospects are that this will continue at least tomorrow and the following days.

Also, the temperatures are below zero both during the day and at night. This means that the piste bullies can bring the slopes back into perfect condition every evening and that the snow will slide away from under your skis the next morning. So perfect!

There is now a snow layer of about 50 cm. 16 of the 26 lifts are open, including the toboggan lifts. All chair lifts and conveyor belts are open a

It remains beautiful spring weather with lots of sun and clear blue skies. At night the temperatures drop to a few degrees above zero, during the day the temperature rises to around 12–14 degrees.

The snow layer does not melt like snow in the sun! This is because there is no precipitation and the humidity is relatively low. In combination with artificial snow (which is more compact than natural snow and melts less quickly), the thickness of the snow layer remains intact. In fact, only a few centimeters evaporate per day.

The best time of day to ski is in the morning. Later in the day the snow gets mushy and skiing is tough.

The situation at the moment;
  • 24 of the 26 lifts are open
  • 25.5 of the 27 km of slopes are open
  • 18 inches of snow

Snow report Winterberg 23-2-2019
The weather is calm in Winterberg, sunshine, little wind and temperatures above zero, up to about 5 during the day. Despite the high temperatures, the snow stays well. At the moment there is (depending on the slope) between 40 - 55 cm of snow. The coming night will be cold, down to -2. Last night the snow cannons were on again for a fresh layer of snow!

  • 24 of the 26 lifts are open
  • 25.5 of the 27 km of slopes are open

All in all good opportunities for skiing, especially in the morning hours. In the afternoon the snow becomes a bit mushy.

Snow depth Winterberg 11-2-2019
Wow! It snowed hard and a lot last night! Between 15-20 cm has fallen. The slopes are therefore fantastic again. It continues to snow today as well. The total snow depth on the slopes is about 75 cm and all lifts are open again (yesterday the lifts on the Kappe were closed due to the strong wind).

From Thursday it will be warmer with temperatures up to 7 degrees above zero and lots of sun! Fortunately no precipitation. The best time to ski is in the morning.

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