House rules

House rules WinterbergNu

It is NOT allowed in the apartments to:

  1. bring pets or let them stay
  2. to smoke
  3. to cause noise nuisance
  4. organize parties and celebrations
  5. to barbecue on the terraces or balconies
  6. illegally (via WiFi) to download movies, music etc*

* Separate mention and extra warning: In Germany there is very strict control on the illegal uploading and downloading of films and music, etc. The German government has the authority to request data from internet providers of people who download illegally. The chance of being caught is almost 100% and the fines are very high. 915.00 euros per violation. We have already had a few guests who have had to deal with this. Warning!!! If you have downloaded you will not escape prosecution.

Excluded from reservations and not allowed in the apartments:

  • Groups consisting of people aged 20 and under
  • Groups of 9 people or more (not including children up to and including 2 yrs)